Technogym treadmill change km to miles

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Technogym treadmill change km to miles

A calculator and pencil are essential tools to help convert an elevation map to incline. An elevation map is a topographic map that indicates height above sea level by using contours to denote change in elevation.

An elevation map can be used as a tool for a runner preparing for a race. By converting the elevation of a course to incline on a treadmill, a runner can effectively simulate the hills on a course and be prepared for race day without ever setting foot on the actual route.

Find the route's starting point marked on the elevation map. Continue throughout the course on the map, noting its contours. The contours indicate a change in elevation on the course and are defined by a colored band. Use the elevation map's key to determine the color band's description of rise, fall or flat. Using your pencil, mark the first initial point on the route where the contour changes, indicating a change in terrain. Note the elevation at this point, the unit for which should be in feet.

If the contour covers a band of elevation, use the midpoint to determine elevation. For example, if the contour band ranges from to feet, document the elevation as feet. Follow the route until the course levels off at the top or bottom of a hill.

How do speed settings on treadmills work?

Mark this point on the map with your pencil. Document the elevation height in feet. Using your calculator, determine the height climbed by subtracting the height of the second point from the height of the first point.

For example, if the height of the second point is feet and the height of the first point is feet, the height climbed calculates to be 75 feet. Determine the distance in miles between the first and second points marked. This will either be marked on the map or you can measure it yourself with a ruler. Use the scale provided on the map to find the distance in miles. Convert the distance from miles to feet. Multiply the miles by 5, to get a measurement of feet.

For example, the distance measure is 1. Calculate the incline percent. Divide the height climbed by the distance and multiply by For example, if the height climbed is 75 feet and the distance is 7, feet, the percent incline calculates to be 0.I'm new here.

I am running the London Marathon this year. I'm after some help. I have a treadmill that I use however I can't figure out if the distance is measured in miles or km. I've been running for the past 2 months 4 times a week and, as I don't have a sports watch or fancy phone app to track my running, I have been relying on the treadmill figures.

Today I ran for a total of 13 km or miles I don't know? We have both kph and mph treadmills at our gym and they can be slightly confusing if you're not sure.

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On the ones we have - technogym - then easiest way to tell them apart is the speed they start at. If you hit 'quickstart', the miles one always start at 0.

Mind you I cannot laugh, I had an incident when i tried a stepper machine. Snowchick, the watch wont be any good on the treadmill! Can you try mapmyrun or similar? Map out a route of known distance, say 5km, run it and time yourself with a normal watch.

Cougie, I had exactly the same treadmill experience.

technogym treadmill change km to miles

Now I always start at a speed of 2 or 3 to check. Training for a marathon I do a long run on road on the weekend between 1. Snowchick: So have you found out? Also as it's at a gym there must be some staff or if it's a cheap one with hardly any staff then it must have a web support site?

Just ask them. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories January in Beginners. Hi I'm new here. Sorry if I sound thick, I'm really not!

January I would hope it's MPH or else you're running at a little above a decent walking pace.Treadmills delivered in the United States are usually set to display your speed in miles per hour -- but factory errors are possible. Switching your treadmill from kph to mph is usually as simple as pushing a button; it's finding the right button that's the trick.

Treadmill: all you need to know

The sequence of buttons for changing your treadmill's readout varies enormously between brands. For example, on the Precor 9. For the Life Fitness T3 treadmill, access the user menu by turning the treadmill on while holding the Enter key.

Use the Up or Down buttons to access the "Units" option, then press the Time Arrow keys until distance units are displayed. Once "Engineering Mode Menu" shows on the display, release the keys and press the Enter button. On the NordicTrack Commercialinsert the key and select the Start menu on the touch screen. Lisa Maloney is a travel and outdoors writer based in Anchorage, Alaska. She's written four outdoors and travel guidebooks, including the award-winning "Moon Alaska," and regularly contributes to local and national publications.

She also has a background in personal training, with more than 6, hours of hands-on experience. By: Lisa Maloney.

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Published: 09 November, More Articles. Home Fitness Cardio. References Precor: 9. About the Author.Page of Go. Page Page - Quick Links. Download this manual.

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Table of Contents. D series; d series; d series pages.

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Page 3 The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Technogym does not guarantee this documentation in any way. Technogym shall not be held responsible for any errors contained in this manual and declines all liability for accidents or damages resulting from the supply, characteristics or use of this manual.

Automatic Tests I2C Device Test UpDown Test Inverter Test Setting up the operation External cleaning operations Page 9: General Notices 1. A thorough knowledge of the technical information contained in this manual is essential for completing the professional training of the operator.

Always mark any parts or positions which may be confused with each other at the time of reassembly. Use original Technogym spare parts and lubricants of the recommended brands. Use special tools where specified. Consult the Technical Newsletters, which may contain more up-to-date information on adjustments and maintenance than those contained in this manual.

The machine code, which does not include the Serial Number, consists of 16 alphanumeric It receives the power supply signal from the display board and outputs a negative logic pulse for every heart beat that is detected: the signal level is normally 5 Vdc, with a pulse at 0 Vdc having a width of approximately 30 msec at each heart beat.The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends getting to minutes a week of moderately intense exercise to maintain or increase your overall fitness level.

That aerobic activity can include walking or running on a treadmill. Whether you have one at home or use one in the gym, it's good to know what the numbers on your control panel translate to. The console of a treadmill displays immediate feedback about your current workout, including distance, time, grade, calories burned and speed. If the console displays that your current speed is 10, this could mean 10 mph or 10 kph, depending on your treadmill make and model and how you set up your machine, says StartStanding.

If your treadmill goes up to 10, that could mean 10 mph or 10 kph. Haul out your user's guide to make sure. A treadmill calculates speed with either one of two measurements: miles per hour or kilometers per hour. The miles per hour measurement is predominantly used in the U. Most other countries, including Canada, use kilometers per hour as the speed measurement. Treadmills typically default to the standard measurement for the country in which it is sold.

technogym treadmill change km to miles

Some treadmills can display both measurements. Follow the directions in your user's manual to select the measurement you want to display. The speed range of a treadmill varies by brand and model.

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Lower-end, less expensive treadmills can top out at 8 mph or 10 mph, which is Mid-range and higher-end treadmills typically have maximum speeds of 12 mph, or A handful of models max out at 15 mph or One mph equals 1.

If your treadmill is set to English miles, a 10 on the speed screen represents 10 mph, which is If your treadmill is set to metric kilometers, a 10 in the speed screen represents 10 kph, which is 6.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

technogym treadmill change km to miles

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The right workout if you need to start. On the treadmill, the body performs a movement similar to walking or running on the road. For these reasons, the running machine is recommended for those who need to start physical activity from scratch or resume moving after a long time.

The ideal thing is to start with the walk and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercise. While if we want to take part in a runthe speed will have to exceed 6. Walking is a good choice if you prefer to tone up. Whatever the level, it is important to warm up and finish the workout with some stretching exercises. Training to prepare for a marathon. The recommended training to prepare for a marathon is based on intensity control through heart rate monitoring.

Basically yes, but if we think to use them only on the treadmill then it is better to opt for lighter and less cushioned shoes because the running surface of the belt is already cushioned and less hard than asphalt or concrete. On the other hand, shoes must be more structured and cushioned if they are also used outdoors.

The posture on the running machine During the exercise we must always maintain an upright position, look forward and not turn around to avoid the risk of distraction and falling. It is very useful to use the mirror positioned in front of the belt to look at each other and possibly try to correct your mistakes during your run. Those who have a more professional approach to running can undergo an analysis of foot support in order to understand how to work better on their posture: often this service is offered free of charge in specialized running shops or alternatively you can visit a podiatrist.

Hydration is always important Depending on the temperature and humidity of the room in which you run, whether in the gym or at home, drinking is essential. Remember to take a bottle of water or other beverage: on the treadmills we will find comfortable places to store it. This application allows you to create personalized training programs based on your physical fitness and goals. You can download the app on your smartphone or tablet, place it on MYRUN support and start the scheduled workout.

Thanks to the running rate index, you can also improve your running technique. Running on the treadmill is more fun with MYRUN, thanks to the running music function the tracks will be selected directly from the playlist contained in the device, but only those that best suit the running rhythm.

Link Discover Jog Forma Dedicated to those who love functionality. Jog Forma is a professional treadmill that combines performance and functionality in an exclusive solution.When you take a walk or go for a run, you probably track the distance covered. This is a practical way to measure progress over time. Most treadmills provide feedback about your workout including distance traveled. The distance data can be set to either English or metric measurements.

If your treadmill displays distance in the metric system, kilometers per hour, you can switch it to display miles per hour. Instructions vary depending on the make and model of your machine.

Turn the treadmill off. Do not unplug the machine and make sure the magnetic safety key is inserted in the console. Insert a Q-tip or end of a pen into the recess to activate the switch. Turn on your treadmill. Select mph or the English measurement system by pressing any up or down arrow key.

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The options will display on the right-hand side of the console. Hold down the "Stop" button, insert the safety key into the console and release the "Stop" button.

Press the speed increase button to choose mph.

technogym treadmill change km to miles

An "E" will display representing English measurements. Consult your owner's manual or your manufacturer for detailed instructions. If you own any of these brands, the instructions for the ProForm treadmill may work on your unit. Fitness Workouts Exercise Equipment.

Jolie Johnson. Based in Austin, Texas, Jolie Johnson has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and has been writing fitness-related articles since for various websites. Find how to switch from kph to mph in your owner's manual. Step 1 Turn the treadmill off. Step 2 Locate the calibration cutout on the underside of the console.

Step 3 Insert a Q-tip or end of a pen into the recess to activate the switch. Step 5 Press the power key to save your setting. Step 1 Turn on your treadmill. Step 3 Select mph or the English measurement system by pressing any up or down arrow key. Step 4 Press "Enter" to save your selection. Step 1 Hold down the "Stop" button, insert the safety key into the console and release the "Stop" button. Step 2 Press the speed increase button to choose mph.

Step 3 Remove the key from the console to exit the information mode.

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Tip Consult your owner's manual or your manufacturer for detailed instructions. Warning Do not insert any metal object into the calibration recess. Share this article.


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